Made in Manchester. Stockport. Oldham. Knutsford. Call us old-fashioned but in our book, local is best. Always has been, always will. Sure, there are some things we need in our collective lives that does the distance from Italy, France, China or Devon. But when you can find some of the best artisans, growers, makers and doers on your doorstep, it would be a crime not to use them.

 Like Knutsford based blacksmith, Trevor Norbury from Iron By Design. With over 30 years worth of skin in the game, Trevor doesn’t do horse shoes anymore. He’s also 10 miles down the road and happens to make the best hand-crafted metalwork you’ll find around these parts. Stop outside our place and look up. Hashtags to follow.

Then there’s our new 4 decker oven from Stockport’s Tom Chandley Ovens. That behemoth of a bread oven went on a massive 13.5 journey from their buzzing factory to ours. In a globalised world there is something charming about that. Our new charcoal grill from Oldham had a bit further to travel, but still that’s a lot less than a slow boat from Devon.

Credit: Mark Williamson Photography

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