With a strong background in coffee, you could say we have earned our pips. Which is why we’ve chosen to use beans from our three favourite roasters; Five Elephant from Berlin, Heart and Graft from Salford and Origin from Cornwall. Between them, they provide a wide enough selection of roasts that allows us to draw a line in the sand and guarantee that we can provide precisely the flavour profiles we’re looking for throughout the year.

Seasonality is very important in coffee and even coffees that are available all year will have dips and troughs. We have more South and Central American coffee on during the year but it is lovely to enjoy the fresh main advantages African coffees during the spring and summer months.

Whilst we also like a lot of sweetness when making coffees with milk, chocolate and caramel flavours, we also like to drop the odd naturally processed espresso in during the year to mix things up a bit (they are the ones that taste and smell a bit funkier).

When it comes to filter, we have decided on Chemex as our weapon of choice. For us they are the most consistent brewer and we love the fact that they can come in different sizes and are suitable for sharing, especially after dinner.

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