Claire Howells, our Head Baker explains the 3-day sourdough.

We have a hard and fast rule that we always try and maximise flavour in everything we make. That means no compromises, even if it costs a little more or we have to turn some money away. We know that sourdough is much tastier when it has had a nice long spell retarding in a fridge at the end of its bulk prove. So, every loaf we make is made this way.

Day 1 we make the new levain from our wild yeast starter in the afternoon, which we add to organic flour, water and salt to make the a dough on the morning of Day 2. It proves and is shaped, placed in bannetons and then put in the fridge for most of the day and the whole of the night. On day 3, we bake it off as late as possible so that it’s as fresh as possible.

Sourdough has an unfair reputation for being chewy and tough and there are some supermarket examples that you can break your teeth on, but if you eat bread within 6 or 7 hours out of the oven it’s light and has an incredible texture.

By baking on site, we can bring you incredibly fresh bread in this perfect state. If you are early enough it will be still be hot.

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